How to order or sell food on Foodmario ?

Ordering with Foodmario is quite easy and it can be done in few steps. As you can see our contact details and opening hour on the top of our website, just scroll a little bit down,

  • you can see the food options currently available. Once you decided your food to be delivered, call us on the provided numbers.
  • Additionally, you can place your order via our “Facebook Messenger”.

To Sell food from Foodmario

  1. Decide on menu.
  2. Know preparation time for meals.
  3. Call us, 9801079255/ 9801152863 to schedule photo shoot.
  4. We keep some percentage on every food that you sell from Foodmario, on behalf of us doing deliveries for you.
  5. We are ready to sell.
  6. Make up to 300,000/ month.